How to Add BigBoss Repo Source on Cydia Download Store Once Deleted

For most people, the act of jailbreaking appears to be quite complicated and risky. In fact, thanks to the latest tools available, the process is rather simple and safe, and it only brings you benefits and advantages. After all, we all start jailbreak on our devices in order to have access to all those great apps and tweaks that can help us customize and add new features.

Despite the fact, that jailbreaking process has become quite simple; some people still encounter various problems and issues. For instance, many have found that one of the main default repository and namely BigBoss repo is not there after the jailbreak process is completed, and Cydia App Store is added.

The BigBoss repo is one of the biggest repos for apps and tweaks in Cydia Download Store. It contains pretty much anything you need to modify and change your iPhone, to make it work as you want it to. If, by any chance, it is not there when Cydia is installed, or you accidentally delete it; there is nothing to worry about. There is a way to bring it back without too much trouble.


Add BigBoss Repo on Cydia

  1. Open Cydia from the main screen.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see a couple of options. Simply tap on More Package Sources.
  3. Another screen will appear, listing the sources that can be added. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a Disclaimer. This announces you that you add extra sources completely at your risk.
  4. If the BigBoss repo is there, just tap on it and the package will be installed.

Now, if, by any chance, the BigBoss repo is not there listed, you have two more options available for you.

Option 1: Add a New Repo

Open Cydia and tap on Sources on the bottom. Here, tap on Edit and Add. Here, type in the URL source for the BigBoss repo and in the end click on Add Source. At this point, Cydia download will start with the respective source and upload its packages in order to list its belongings.

Option 2: Restore and Jailbreak Again

If the previous two alternatives are not successful for you and you still cannot get the BigBoss repo back on your device, you may have to restore your device through iTunes and reinstall the jailbreak. Keep in mind that iTunes will restore your device to the latest iOS version, which is currently the iOS 8.2.

This should fix your BigBoss problems once and for good. I hope there is no need to restart the jailbreak process on your device once again and that the options presented above will fix the problem. In the end, you will be able to do a Cydia download all those great free jailbreak apps and tweaks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Which is better

In the event that you cannot choose, which among perhaps a notebook or iPad will be a greater option, this short article can help you constitute the mind. Listed here is my undertake why there is a laptop whenever much better than the Apple iPad HD or iPad 3. The benefits of Apple devices is that you can make jailbreak on your iPhone and iPad. You can download whatsapp for ipad and run with some tweaks on your tablet. WhatsApp is only available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.

An issue is to selecting a completely new pc of lots to-day, as it pertains. The misunderstandings isn’t simply because of the various kinds of processing products, which have been released, but additionally although of the number of notebook manufacturers provided on the market. Using products such as the Apple iPad THREE (or simply the brand new iPad as Apple made a decision to phone it) released on the market, which is really a pill pc, the misunderstandings of the person customer has increased actually greater.

That will be Greater – perhaps a Laptop or Apple iPad?

To tell the truth, I had been originally drawn in from the buzz around the Apple iPad, being recommended like a ‘Notebook Fantastic’. Nevertheless, it rapidly perished lower following use and we really surely got to observe it. We believed that evaluating it having a notebook was a significantly weep after I noticed exactly what the Apple iPad was with the capacity of! Don’t allow anyone are fooled by the iPad versus notebook evaluations into thinking that it’s the following large factor that’ll substitute notebooks because itis in number calculate an alternative to get an actual laptop! This is a mind-to-head assessment.

New Apple iPad

  • A Higher-Finish Notebook
  • New Apple iPad
  • A Higher-Finish Notebook
  • Twin and Quad-Core Processors Using Multithreading (Using Clocking Regularity more than 2.4-ghz)
  • RAM (Working-Memory)
  • 250 Gigabyte to over 500 Gigabyte (Expanding)
  • Diagonal Screen-Size (in inches)
  • 9.7 ins Touchscreen
  • Screen-Resolution
  • Fat
  • (Roughly) FIVE lb to SEVEN pound
  • Connection
  • Wifi, Bluetooth Firewire Ethernet
  • Camera
  • Entrance (VGA-excellent 0.3 MP, thirty frames-per-second) OR Again Digicam (5-MP iSight, 1080p as much as thirty FPS)
  • Entrance Digicam (0.75 MP to over 2 MP)
  • Drive
  • Keyboard
  • Conventional Backlit Notebook Keyboard
  • Roughly TWO Hrs to over 4 Hrs
  • Professionals
  • Video-Conferencing Using Face-Time
  • 4G-LTE Connection
  • Quad-Core Processors (Using Higher Clocking Regularity)
  • High level Multitasking OR Highspeed Running
  • Exceptional Image Running
  • Flexible Lightweight Workstation
  • Restricted Storage (Optimum: 64 Gigabyte)
  • Far too Over-Priced
  • Number Personalization or Update in Components Feasible or Application Functions
  • Cumbersome, Large to Transport
  • Relatively Low-Battery Life
  • No-Touch Screen

Let us think about the primary options that come with the brand new Apple iPad (or even the iPad THREE). It’s a well known fact this device offers totally changed the pill pc selection of products, however it drops of being fully a notebook fantastic considerably short. Having a 1Ghz dual-core Apple A5X cpu, ONE Gigabyte Memory along with a highest of 64 Gigabyte space for storage, 9.7 inches Multitouch display, battery lifestyle providing ten hrs of movie and Wireless Wifi 4G-LTE connection, it is among the greatest pill pcs actually released. Number quarrels there! Incredible images, spectacular touchscreen reaction, combined with fact having a selection of applications operating onto it. Nevertheless, it isn’t created for , durable processing that was severe. It’s greatest employed for video-calling, web-browsing, operating and studying not-therefore-challenging software packages, however it is by no means an alternate to notebooks, which could do much more! Itis excellent like a processing device for those who require fundamental computing for challenging programs, but itis not created.

Do I’ve to express something additional? A few of laptop pcs and the greatest notebook supply higher running pace, multi-tasking convenience of utilization capability and comparable life! I really hope you understand that creating an option between notebook or iPad regarding university is just a no brainer. If you should be nevertheless baffled, create a listing of contemplating functions and cons, vs notebook pros and power, to create a choice. Regarding university utilize, I would recommend that you will get a notebook, which may undoubtedly function as the most suitable choice.

For those who are accustomed to working keyboards on notebooks, the switch-over to some touchscreen keyboard could not be extremely comfortable. The device is as it pertains to multi-tasking much like an enormous Apple Ipod Itouch, which works badly. It’s a sluggish cpu (when compared with notebook cpus) as well as the ONE Gigabyte Memory might not assist its trigger. You’ve to pay for individually to get a Wireless or cellular keyboard and contains zero Hardware or sd-card position to make use of (although a Hardware dongle comes)! As accepted by Apple, the iPad is just a friend device to pc pcs and conventional notebook. Whenever individuals make reference to it whilst the notebook fantastic, me crack up!

With one of these functions, a Wifi 4G allowed using 64 Gigabyte space for storage can cost you about MONEY829 Apple iPad! You could have each one of these functions and much more having perhaps a laptop or a laptop, which expenses significantly less than half the buying price of the Apple iPad!

What additional may a notebook provide? To begin with, higher running energy within the type of chips with significantly more than 2.5 GHz clocking regularity, over 4 Gigabyte of Memory, multithreading capability, a blu ray readers and author, music loudspeakers, high res BROUGHT show, Hardware, Firewire, Wireless, Wifi connection and massive drive space for storage. Place in DOLLAR50 additional within the iPad cost and you will purchase a Dell XPS fifteen notebook, having a 2.4-ghz cpu, 500 Gigabyte drive along with a 15.6-inch display, using a lot of helpful functions, which outclass the iPad or every other pill pc.

When I currently mentioned before, the Apple iPad has got the minimum quantity of functions, when compared with a laptop pc or laptop is extremely expensive and it has an extremely restricted selection of programs. It creates us question why might anyone choose an iPad to some laptop! The assessment alone is not completely correct. To amount everything upward, if you should be buying expensive plaything to exhibit down, get an Apple iPad, but get a full-scale laptop when you’ll need actual performance.

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The best free apps for iPad

Nowadays there are tens and thousands of application open to rim customers and rimis applications have now been developing and developing during the last couple of years . The money is definitely much better than investing your hard earned money though some applications are really worth. You’ll actually discover that a few of the applications that are cost-free are not much more useless than a few of the applications you’ve to cover.

Among the applications that are most readily useful could be Google Maps. Using Yahoo routes you are able to research regarding nearby companies in the region such as for instance, eateries, espresso stores, resorts, cinemas, gasoline stations and much more. When you execute the research you’re produced a listing and provided handles, telephone numbers, evaluations, and also the site towards the companies in the region.

When you yourself have Navigation, which many rimis do you may also get instructions towards the company from your own area. You may also look visitors problems up, and also you have the choice to obtain instructions by bicycle vehicle, or strolling. Yahoo Routes needs to be among the well-known and most readily useful applications for rim.

The present most widely used app for rim may be the Fb application. It allows you and the Fb globe via your telephone to connect. You receive most notices sent on your telephone directly to anyone and your position can be updated by you. While you might do on your PC you certainly can do almost anything on Fb together with your telephone. It is an excellent application to remain associated with your pals.

With whatsapp on ipad you can communicate with your friends, share images and sounds. This application is based on your phone number such as “username” but if you want to install on iPad, you need to make some tweaks because is compatible just for iPhone, Android etc.

Pandora is a superb application for rimis. Pandora is just a support which allows one to flow songs over pc or your telephone for forty hrs per month. You are able to put up stations and channels and they’ll perform with just songs from funnel or that stop. For instance, in the event that you just wish to pay attention to songs that’s much like Frank Sinatra a Sinatra funnel can be created by you. They’ll just perform music-related to Sinatra whenever you perform the Frank funnel.

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Top apps for IPhone

The most truly effective applications regarding iPhone are resources that you simply, being a person that is iPhone, can’t live without. Listed here are several of the applications that are very helpful readily available for the iPhone that’ll open its potential all. You can use whatsapp for iPad if do you have a tablet and you want to communicate with people for working together.

EverNote: EverNote must certanly be anything you need to get instantly; at this time before anyone overlook in the event that you absence the storage of a hippo that never forgets.

Your iPhone becomes right into an electronic store that kind and may home all your press including movie, created information, images, and audio documents.After that you can research regarding whatever in the databases you are searching for from possibly pc or your iPhone.

Among the reasons is this great functionality comes for free all. But delay, there is not less. EverNote offers character-recognition for that pictures anyone consider, to ensure that cards and indicators you’ve your images obtained alongside could be and never have to personally title the documents oneself quickly looked.

This application that is excellent is just an ideal friend for the digicam of your iPhone. It’s numerous functions that additional applications that are individual include. Space for storage will be saved by by using this application for additional images or for greater applications.

Gorillacam offers numerous functions including timer, on screen metered, nature multiple, degree chance, and A push anyplace’ seize. This can significantly boost the pictures’ excellent you consider. No further of these degree that is off images whenever you tried to take in Framing

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Get good free Notebook apps

Everybody has a laptop programs and nowadays for laptops do superior. Consequently, are certainly a quantity of laptop programs that are free which can be found on-line that laptop customers may get cost free. In getting a great website to obtain great laptop applications the secret lies.

Numerous websites nowadays permit laptop customers to download laptop programs that are free. Providing free goodwill is built by programs to laptop customers using their people, and of course that techniques that are these additionally entice bigger quantities of visitors. Most of the applications offered from the large businesses regarding laptops in many cases are listed not a tad too low for that customers to manage, and therefore, most of them change to obtain programs that were free.

These apps in many cases are on the basis of the identical function as applications that were branded, however they simply absence the fancy look. Nevertheless, they are doing obtain the function completed, why numerous customers would rather download free laptop programs and that’s.

Show Horses 3.0 – This Macintosh software allows you to handle info effortlessly utilizing cuttings, information, blueprints, e-mail, yet others functions.

Digsby – with this specific, you are able to sign in and utilize AOL IM, Fb speak, Google! I’M, and additional common talk applications that are many most from the single-window.

You’ll find a number of activities on-line and notebook applications that’ll permit the person to complete actually something on her or his laptop. If do you like whatsapp ipad you can emulate on your laptop or you can emulate android applications with bluestacks. Numerous activities are not blame for download. With respect to the operating-system mounted in your notebook, you deploy and can download various applications for reasons that are various. A few of the should have laptop applications are:

This Really Is high end photo editing application, much like Photoshop that can help you reveal these and modify your pictures.

You will find free notebook programs that may do actually something in your laptop. From monitoring function and keeping your routine and adviser to maintaining pointers, you will find laptop programs that lower and will significantly streamline your workload. Free programs regarding specialized function, like business structure application or architectural software, will definitely assist newer and little businesses and never have to obtain the costly software they can’t afford to work.

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Install WhatsApp on IPad and IPod Touch

As ownership proceeds to improve the world around, cross platform texting hasn’t been of significance that is greater. Typically the most popular cross platform for valid reason, as well as instant messenger stays to become WhatsApp. WhatsApp is just a wonderful software, using smooth incorporation regarding Android iOS and other products. Using that said, something which WhatsApp proceeds to fail using, is assistance for just about any additional iOS device apart from the iPhone. When they attempt customers of the ipod touch or iPad can’t presently download and trigger the applying, and you will be given an mistake.

whatsapp-57WhatsApp is fully-functional on my iPad aswell while you noticed at the conclusion of the movie, although We shown this method utilizing an ipod itouch. It uses the same procedure that is exact, which means you should not get any problems. A Computer works equally well, although We also utilized a Macintosh throughout this guide. I have defined the several variations below.

There’s a means of having WhatsApp to become fully-functional on the iPad each Appleis pill, as well as their ipod itouch variety. A good thing about that, is the fact that number jailbreak is needed. You merely require short use of an iPhone for that service area of the create, and a pc.

Merely credit a buddyis (after which irritating these whenever you remove their WhatsApp application) may suffice. We have put a complete movie guide together for the procedure that is entire, also it are available below:

There are certainly a just several small variations between your procedure based if you should be on Computer or a Macintosh:

You will need to download iFunBox’s particular edition for the operating-system. Possibly Macintosh, or Computer. It can be downloaded by you from:

In your Macintosh, the document listing to obtain as follows: ~/Songs/iTunes/ the ipa is really iTunes Press/Mobile Apps/

While the document, on Windows listing to obtain the ipa is: C MediaMobile Programs

There we’ve it. You will be in a position to possess a fully-functional edition of Messenger in your ipod itouch or iPad simply by subsequent combined with the procedure defined within the movie. IOS SEVEN operating on these two products, therefore I’ve zero cause to believe it’s incompatible using Appleis latest application, it will use any software edition that WhatsApp alone facilitates.

If you should be jailbroken, next you may want to provide an attempt to whatsapp for iPad download on tablet. The fine-tune provides a good way round the procedure which we have defined above, and is free.

Revise x2: We certainly will make sure this process is focusing on the most recent edition of WhatsApp regarding iOS 7.1 and have today examined.

Revise x1: this process it is verified to become focusing on the most recent edition of WhatsApp regarding iOS SEVEN and hasbeen examined.

Revise x3: regarding iOS EIGHT: this process regrettably fails because the launch of WhatsApp 2.11.11 on iOS 8 and over. The path to set up WhatsApp in your iPad iOS that are operating EIGHT at this time would be to limit back once again to WhatsApp document. Another method is always deploy WhatsPad and to jailbreak your iPad.

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Kik Messenger is Awesome!

Most people are virtually certain to possess heard about Kik. Wherever you are able to download it to but maybe you have noticed? your cell phone determined it’s not likely to execute as well as if you are using this sort of application frequently, then you definitely may picture you’re captured. Not too. Today you might make use of a Kik regarding Computer having a download that is fast and also you are established. A free of charge download is additionally regarding Kik for the home Computer accessible today. Take a look at just how to download the specific application that is cost-free to get Kik on your computer or maybe Macintosh.


Kik offers swiftly become the Amount ONE software to possess on your telephone that is own, therefore it is sensible in addition and to obtain it Computer aswell. In the end, you utilize that to maintain an archive of each and every application that is additional you’ve mounted, why not need got that one about the Computer whenever your cell phone chooses it is maybe worse, or toned, broken? You will not need certainly to skip anything at several various that’s necessary for one to recognize or all essential happening in your company. Simply by by using this application you are able to keep an eye on anything.

Fb provides also have large ideas to expand exactly what the application may do currently into extra actions and really bought Kik. Including words message support, that they state will likely not be unavailable afterwards. Obviously, also, text message, words and movie picture happen to be readily available for take advantage of. Texting currently out rates a regular words support, therefore those gainedA doubt’s inclusion be welcomed with whines of joy. Consequently, should you choosenot prefer to continue altering backwards and forwards between your notebook in addition to your telephone to cope with communications also to maintain your pictures and discussed information synced, you have to get Kik on computer and enjoy the benefits related to Android architectural.

Kik is deemed the most popular talk software regarding the people of today’s. You will find above half the million clients all over the world at this time. Kik on computer is just likely to open a larger area up to these people who require the application available regarding once they don’t possess using their phones on their Computer. The several systems that are primary you are able to entry Kik on right before, such as for instance Android os truly somewhat limited proprietors not to getting the capability of regular cell phones to make use of this application that is iphone.

Obviously, because Kik is definitely an Android person, to help you begin to download Kik for computer you’ll want to get an android os emulator. Most I t offers various designs which means you need to be sure yours is suitable for the applying. Once you have categorized this absent is simple and you will appreciate your personal Kik just like about the telephone cellular phone.

Concerning the Writer

Kik for Computer could be saved from numerous great site that offer their customers with virus-free application. To find out more go here

Submission and utilize of the post is susceptible to our Writer Recommendations

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Download Kik on PC for Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8

Kik Messenger was founded back in 2009 and in less than a year, it has become a top messenger application available in App Store and Google Play Store. Today, Kik is more stable, simpler and fastest than its original released version, and it allows users to chat with their Smartphone friends completely free of charge.

However, this is not all. Now, Kik is no longer exclusive for Smartphone devices. We can easily download Kik on PC and install, use it in the same manner as we use the mobile version. The recently released Kik will provide users the possibility to search and send YouTube videos, Reddit images and many others without actually downloading something extra. In the same time, the service comes with an in-built browser which will allow you to perform any search you want without leaving the service at all.

Now, the latest concern is related to the possibility to install Kik on PC, how to do this, and what you can do with it. Keep in mind that Kik is not officially available for running on a computer. However, we still have this possibility with the help of an Android emulator. The emulator will create an interface between all those mobile apps and your computer.

As you can see, the first step to download Kik on PC is to find a proper emulator. It this case, we can easily use Bluestacks, one of the most famous Android emulators available on the market, and it is completely free to download. However, I also want to mention the fact that Bluestacks can turn out to be a little bit too demanding, which means that some computers might not be compatible with it. You can easily check by visiting their official webpage and download the software.

After successfully installing the software, open the emulator and search for Kik Messenger app. For this, just use the Search button in the upper right corner. Your will see a list showing Android apps. Simply click the install button and wait for a while to complete the installation process. This usually takes a couple of minutes.


The next step is to head over to Bluestacks once again, search for Kik messenger and launch it. Sometimes, the icon that is automatically created on the desktop might not launch the application. Therefore, choose Kik, launch it and start your first experience. You will be required to create an account, by providing your email address, choosing a username and password. In the case you already used Kik on your Smartphone, and then you can use the same account on your computer as well.

Congratulation! You now have access to download Kik on PC, enjoying the same features as with a mobile version. You will be able to send unlimited text messages free, share images, pictures, videos, audio recordings, etc. along with this, you can browse directly using Kik, without leaving the application, you can even check Facebook statuses, tweets, and your friends’ shares, again, without leaving this amazing messaging service.

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Return An Apple Product Policy

The choice is aimed at individual users, enabling Mac and one tablet pc or one PC to be linked to the service. The existing Office 365 House Premium subscription, which allows you to join five computers, will still be accessible for $99.99 a year, but will lose the “Premium” title.
In other news, one most needed is now in detention, thanks to Google. San Leandro resident Christopher Viatafa was apparently Googling his own name where he was recorded one of the region’s most needed, in connection with an area shooting, when he stumbled upon law enforcement website. In accordance with local authorities, 27-year old Viatafa fired several rounds of his pistol at an exclusive celebration he continues to be detained on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, although no one was hurt.

Total revenues of software, new hardware, and accessories totaled.
Opping tech headlines was the 25th anniversary of the Internet. In a statement, creator Tim Berners-Lee stressed the great thing about the Web is the fact that it is “for everyone.”
For more, take a look at A Look Back at 25 Web, along with the Earliest Websites ‘Landmarks’ We Wish 5 Horrible Early Web Forecasts and we’re able to Forget.
A recent vote will drive sales to discontinue effective April 1. Gov. Chris Christie’s office, however, claimed that the car maker has been “conscious of this position since the start.”

Sad with your iPhone purchase? Believe quickly, because you’ve got just 14 days to return it.


Based on the Standard Yield Policy, customers have 14 calendar days (that contains weekends) in the date of on-line delivery or in store purchase to return the smartphone.
Apple will not, nevertheless, accept mobiles that have been obtained through third party retailers, or apparatus which were damaged. Thus do not believe you can get away with giving off the iPhone while pulling it out of the carton you simply dropped and cracked.
All returns must be repackaged with instruction manual, and first wires, adapters.
Other Apple products, including desktop computers, and iPads, notebooks, are subject to the 14-day return policy.

As 9to5Mac pointed out, Cupertino’s preceding protocol was “in marked comparison” to other carriers, which follow a rigorous two-week return plan. Until today, iPhone buyers had to try the phone before determining to swap it for storage capacity, or an alternative version, color –or another platform. But if it was returned by them during four or week three, buyers risked having to pay early termination fees to carrier, so it was not a lot of bargain.

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Three Must Have iPad Apps

There are many people interested in jailbreaking their iDevices because of the limits imposed by Apple. Although the Apple Store offers many apps, customers appear to be bored and to want even more. This is the reason why they choose Cydia download instead of the Apple Apps. In order to explain these people’s choices, I described a couple of Cydia apps bellow, even though choosing from such an amazing number of apps and tweaks is not a very easy thing to do.

Here are some Cydia Apps which many jailbroken iPad users think about as being must haves:

cydia 8

iAP Cracker

I guess there are many iPad users who are very fond of playing games. Probably many of the people who have purchased an iPad are very interested in games or other fun apps. Well, for these iPad owners, Cydia download offers an extremely handy application: iAP Cracker. This Cydia app appears to be cracking easy dlc/inapp purchases in order to help the user to install free games and apps on the jailbroken device.


There have been many users who complained about their iPad, because of access to notifications and to perform some of the commands being difficult. Therefore, one of the most interesting Cydia tweaks has been created, in order to ease their work. It is called NCPad, and it was specially created for the iPad. What does it do? Nothing complicated. It just equips the notification bar with stretching capability, enabling an easy and more prompt access to notifications.


This app given to iOS users by Cydia is something similar to SBSettings. The difference between these Cydia download is that NCSettings appears to be more accurate, more rapid as well as more consistent. However, this app is used because it introduces a number of features into the notification center such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness, and airplane mode.

These three Cydia apps described above represent a small part of the offer that comes from the third-party store. All iPad users are invited to jailbreak their devices and install Cydia download in order to enjoy a greater number of apps than they already have available at the Apple Store.

Once the iOS device is jailbroken, there is nothing left to do, except start searching and decide which apps are perfect for you. Regarding the prices, there are many Cydia apps which can be downloaded free of charge, as well as there are some which can be used in exchange of a small amount of money. However, the prices are not high, and everybody can afford downloading all the apps offered by cydia they need.

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